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Monday, Feb. 13, 2006

Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2006

I am still in need of Staff ..
& I promise I won't bite ^-^

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to ENGLISH translators WANTED
please send me or Kelley of Mangaholic an e-mail if you're interested, or can do it. No editing experience needed, just be able to translate and put your translations in a Notepad, Word, or Works Document.

Thanks! All help is VERY MUCH appreciated (:

♥ Exquisite


It looks like the "Mini-Hiatus" has turned into a full time Hiatus. While I was away, I've still been reading your complaints, appreciation and etc e-mails and shouts on the shoutbox.

So far, the main problem you guys have is RapidShare. Not to worry, in Project X, Rapidshare will be completely ELIMINATED, vanished, GONE. And the rests are so far requests, yes?

If you have any other suggestions to better my site, please shout it out in the shoutbox OR send me a quick e-mail and I'll get back to you shortly.

And to those of you who have been pondering about what Project X will be .. expect it by the end of this week :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Project X is coming soon, keep coming back here for more.

I'm alive, don't worry! And I'm also keeping track of your requests =)

♥ Exquisite

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2006

It looks like I have to take a mini-hiatus. I'll be back when
Project X is out =)

Don't worry, all files will remain downloadable. Hopefully by the end of my Mini-Hiatus, I won't have any files from RapidShare anymore. Banzai!

In the mean time watch this space for:

1mm of a Kiss for the Lost:
None at the Moment Bambi: Story 1-3
[ Volume 01 ]

A Fairy Tale For You: Chapter 1-3
[ Volume 01]

Haru wa Sakura:
[ One-Shot ]

Saiyuki RELOAD:
[ Volume 01 ][ Volume 02 ][ Volume 03 ][ Volume 04 ]

I would never leave without leaving you guys a couple of gifts.

P.S. To those that need help with Uploading.Com, here's a tutorial just for you!

Monday, Jan. 09, 2006

In two weeks, I shall have my finals. So I'll be on and off here all week, I'm not sure as to how much manga scanlations I can upload for you guys but I'm sure Project X will make up for it =)

Edit: 11:41 PM

Since I'm pressed for time at the moment, I shall just link Ichigo Channel and Saiyuki here. All I ask is that you guys read them, and do not distribute them. Also, don't forget to spread the word of Manga Wishes!

Ichigo Channel:
[ Volume 01 ][ Volume 02 ][ Volume 03 ]
[ Volume 04 ][ Volume 05 ][ Volume 06 ]

[ Volume 01 ][ Volume 02 ][ Volume 03 ]
[ Volume 04 ][ Volume 05 ][ Volume 06 ]
[ Volume 07 ][ Volume 08 ][ Volume 09 ]

And a quick question, is anyone still having problems downloading any volumes of Kare First Love? If so, I'll reupload it ASAP. And as for the unmade/unlinked pages. They should be done by the end of the week =)

P.S. Thanks to Supermanok and Miya for recommending uploading sites. I'll check them out later. And many thanks to all you guys for your wonderful comments, I'll be sure to answer them when I have the time .. now back to homework >.<

Sunday, Jan. 08, 2006

I changed the Kare First Love Spotlight Picture. I really like this picture, because I personally believe that when you find the right one sparks will fly .. ♥ Or was that slaps will fly? lol. Just kidding!

Regarding pages that have not been linked or do not have pages yet, here they are:

01. Ayashi no Ceres
02. 38 Degrees Celcius
03. Wanted
04. Puramai Junkie
05. Prism Heart
06. Pheromomania Syndrome
06. Kare First Love
07. 17-sai Hajimete no H.

I'll have them all linked by today hopefully. Also below "Scanlations" links are not working, I'll have them up soon. I'm open to requests. I really would like to take this time in order to apologize for neglecting the site lately. I've been swamped with so much school work lately, plus being sick on top of that, I'm tempted to collapse. But this is my haven, so I plan on cleaning it up a bit so that it doesn't look like a mess by the time MA-PX arrives. So, I hope you guys understand my position and give me a bit of courage to work harder in both my studies and here.

I'm moving every file from Rapidshare to something else because of the unusually large amount of complaints I've been getting about it.

Does anyone know a good hosting site other than SaveFile? My computer seems to be rejecting it >.<

P.S. If you come back later, I promise you Ichigo Channel, Saiyuki, and a second link to Kare First Love to those who are having trouble with the first one =)

Saturday, Jan. 07, 2006 - 369 Words

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!

I still can't believe how fast 2005 flew by. So tell me, what are your New Year's Resolutions? Mine are to possibly perm my hair, keep my room clean all year, & sleep more. And I guarantee none of which will happen lol.

Argh, last week was a pain for me. It was a combination of too much homework, stress, and being sick. At the moment, I sound like I'm a dying frog (laughs). I kept trying to record a voice note for you guys, but my mic has gone bonkers. I'll find a way to make you guys laugh at my voice at the moment.

Now, for Manga-related News.
As promised I uploaded: Pheromomania Syndrome, Kare First Love, and 17-sai Hajimete no H. So you guys don't think I'm not listening to you, I'm uploading everything to either SaveFile, SendSpace, or another place in order to decrease the amount of wait you have to do before downloading Manga Wishes Projects. See, your voice DOES matter! Also, please welcome Syra, the newest staff of Manga Wishes. She will be the Manga Helper, she will look for your requests and new via IRC. Thanks for joining Manga Wishes, Syra! You are truly a gem =)

Something new to Manga Wishes:
I've decided to start putting the spotlight on great Manga Wishes uploaded projects. Every week, there will be a new one up for you to enjoy. This week's spotlight shines on Kare First Love.
It's one of my personal favorites. Once you read it, I'm sure you'll like it. Unfortunately, it's not complete it's only 5/10 Volumes. Hopefully a scanlator will pick up this project soon or if someone is kind enough to scan their copy and send it to me, I'd be eternally grateful!

P.S. Sorry about Manga Wishes being down last night, my host has gone nuts. I'm glad it's finally back.

P.S.S. [cryptic note]m-a?ma?M-A!MA! aka Project X, joint project of Mangaholic and Manga Wishes. ??? days left until the release..

P.S.S.S. Dear god that was a long post, if you read all that, you deserve a cookie.

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